Current Alternatives

There are currently 42 businesses that are in the syringe market. However, the syringe industry is dominated by Becton, Dickinson, and Company (BD). As relatively smaller players such as Medtronic have focused away from syringes, BD has dominated the industry through the expansion of existing product lines and the acquisition of smaller companies. Even so, smaller companies also have operated profitably in the industry as their products they offer are unique and protected by patents. For example, Hamilton has also produced a non-disposable “bubble-free syringe”.

Our Advantages

HUMBLE syringes are a more convenient tool for healthcare workers to use because they can take less time to prime syringes for patients; it reduces priming time from an average of 30 seconds to less than 5 seconds. Currently, HUMBLE Technologies is the only company that is offering a syringe designed that is disposable, rapidly primes, mitigates bubbles, and within the price of conventional syringes. The current syringe design requires time and energy to purge bubbles and ensure that the proper dosage of medicine is measured after priming. Ultimately, HUMBLE syringes save organizations time and medical waste.