The Humble Syringe is a 3-stage mechanism that removes air from the syringe dosing volume. The instantaneous removal of air from the dosing volume allows the user to rapidly prime the syringe for use. The removal of the air is accomplished by an internal chamber that uses a lockable piston to create a negative pressure.

Stage 1 is engaged by the rotation of the inner plunger; this causes the piston to translate linearly thus purging air from the dosing volume to the inner chamber.

Stage 2 is engaged by locking the piston in place. This allows the user to move the inner plunger and internal chamber as one static body.

In stage 3 the air has been removed from the dosing volume and is fully primed.

The Humble Syringe is a novel solution to the slow priming and inaccurate dosing associated with air bubbles in traditional syringes.